ftp/nat/network question


I have what may be a stupid questiong.

I have a cable modem that i share with my roommates mac on my in home network using natd. Works like a charm

Except. . .

My roommate has told me that he needs to be able to connect to his home computer from work to ftp files back and forth. The problem is, neither one of us know how to make this happen. My computer's ip is 24.4.x.x which is accessable from the outside world, but his is which isnt accessable outside our lan. Is there a way for him to connect to his computer going through mine from his work location?

Both of us are running OSX 10.1

any help would be greatly appreciated.


Give your roommate an account on your machine. Setup your Mac and his Mac as sftp (secured version of ftp) servers. He'll have to ssh to your Mac and then sftp to his Mac. You Mac will pretty much just be playing the part of the middle man. Maybe someone else might have a better idea..........

Actually Mac OS X is already setup to act as an sftp server, so all you have to do is give your roommate an account on your machine.