ftp "Not connected" when on-line with Internet Connect


I have an iBook with OS X 10.0.4, and would like to use the command-line ftp for uploading files to an internet server.

Unfortunately, although an internet connection is established with Internet Connect, when I run ftp at the command line and enter the "status" command, it reports "Not connected".

Fetch and wget both work fine. What's wrong with ftp?

Thanks in advance for any help.
How exactly are you running ftp? The typical way is to do something like,

ftp ftp.myserver.com

which should result in something like

Connected to ftp.myserver.com.
220 ftp FTP server (SunOS 5.6) ready.
Name (ftp:blb):

then you can login from there.
I was using this syntax:

ftp http:// www.mydomain.com/

-- which produced an "unknown host" response.

I've just succeeded by doing this instead:

ftp www.mydomain.com

I guess the problem was just that I was using the http:// or ftp:// suffixes, which are supported according to the documentation displayed by "man ftp". Maybe the "man" info doesn't correspond to the version of ftp actually included with OS X, or I just don't understand it.

Anyway, it works fine now. Thanks for your help!