ftp on different port


after my last post i've been doing some tests and i really have the impression that ftp is not secure under macosx at all. I know as well that ftp is basically never secure on any system, but still. Can someone tell me if the following things are possible:

1. to disable ftp-access through a web-browser (can't this be done by restricting active or passive mode?)
2. to disable ftp on port 21 and enable it only on some non-standard port.
3. to set up ftp-access to certain directories only and not entire home folders.


I suspect /etc/inetd.conf would be the place to change the port definition. I'm not reall sure what NetInfo's services database does, but at least as of OS X 10.0.4, inetd looked at its own config file, not at NetInfo.

On the other hand, if inetd now looks at netinfo, that might explain why 10.1 broke ntalkd for me... I must look into this.
Never mind, I'm silly. It's /etc/services that inetd ignores in favour of NetInfo services...