FTP on Mac OS X 10.1


HampCake Studios
Someone knows how to change the ftp dir?
I would like it to be pointed to another partition.

What have to do?


I am not sure exactly what you are doing but here goes.

1. On your Mac be in the directory where files are you want to ftp
reside. Your Mac will be considered the local machine.

2. ftp to the remote machine.

3. once there do an ls or dir to see files. You will be in the home
directory of user you logged in as.

4. to go to another directory on the the remote machine type cd
and the directory you want to go to.
cd .. will back up one directory.

5. put filename will put filename from your Mac on to the remote

6. get filename will get filename from the remote computer and
put it on your Mac.

7. pwd will list the current directory location on the remote

8. lcd will list the current directory location on the local machine
the Mac.
lcd .. will move up one directory on the local machine the Mac
lcd some directory will move into that dircectory on the local
machine the Mac.
9. At the ftp promt ftp> type help for a list of valid ftp commands.


HampCake Studios
I know, I know.

I would only know how to change the DEFAULT ftp dir.
Nothing else.


HampCake Studios
No, I'd like to set my ftp dir to another partition


How could I make a link to the other partition in my ftp dir VISIBLE from WINDOWS INTERNET EXPLORER?


HampCake Studios
I explain:

I've an ftp on my mac os x 10.1 and I wanna enter the ftp with internet explorer by my pc. So:


and I'm in the home of my powerbook.

The problem is this:

I wanna enter another powerbook partition where there are important files and I don't wanna use an ftp client like ws_ftp or create new user account.

What I have to do?

I've already created a link in my home to the other partition, but windows' internet explorer seems not to see it.

Thanx to all can help me.



How does this work? Is it a bare text file with any user's name that you want to chroot inside? When does it get read? Do you have to restart the ftp daemon?

I tried putting a user's name inside and restarted ftp, but it still allowed access to other parts of the filesystem.



HampCake Studios
Excuse my ignorance, but:

the ftpchroot works (thanks), but how do I create a dir that links to a partition? not a normal link 'cause pc' ie sees my link as a file and not as a dir.

Thanks for helpin' me.