ftp on mac os x


Is there a way i can specify what kind of privilages i want for each user to access for the ftp that is built in to mac os x?

Kind of interested in knowing this too because I activated FTP (MacOS X Client) and made an account for someone. Using Fetch 4 I tested it to see if that account would work. Strangely enough I could walk through a large portion of my hard drive outside of that users account. That account also had complete access to the applications on my hard drive. Definately NOT what I want. And worst of all could download stuff from these folders.

When a user logs in I want the user to stay in his/her directory.
But how? Is this related to these user privileges somehow?
Search macosx.com for threads on how to set up anonymous ftp in X. Decide if that's what you want/need. (Most likely an anonymous ftp account will be enough for what you want to use ftp for.) MacAddict also had a story on how to do this, but I don't have a copy of that mag (I live in Belgium, (imported) usa mags are hella expensive over here.)