FTP Problem

Pilot Pirx

hi there, i am new to this forum and i am having a nasty problem since a while with OS X (not server)

i updated X to V.1.4 and started the apache server, also the ftp server, it seemed that everything works smooth. i also can connect to my mac via SSH without any troubles or via the browser to see the apache server.

well, i need to transfer files via FTP to my mac, and this is where the troubles are happening.
everytime i log in (at least i try to log in) i get one of the following messages

"the server dropped the connection, it may be to busy. try again later"
"open transport error -(a number)"

i am loged in as root, ftp is running.

i did almost everything i am able to do to get acess via ftp(fetch)

no go for me.

please help me

thanks in advance
Pilot Pirx

G3/400 PB Pismo /384 MB RAM/ OS 9.1 & X
G4/400 PB Ti /384 MB RAM /OS 9.1
heehehehe, this happened to me in more fora all over this planet if i was posting this stupid FTP Question.

come on guys, i can´t belive no one out there doesn´t know hoow to hhandle it :0)

regards, Pilot Pirx

[Piloten ist nichts verboten]
At my G4 I had a very long login-time (at least 60 seconds).

After I deleted the DNS-Entry at the Network-Preferences, I could login immediately.

But it's quite uncomfortable without dn-services now. I'll have to find out, how to get both (ftp and dns) running.

Flieger, grüß mir die Sonne!

hi thies

i was kinda frustrated and installed the whole OS X new.
iit didn´t took me long...and now i have a machine wich works PERFECT.
ftp, php, ssh...name it, i have it running good :0)

after this i realized that i didn´t a recommended install of X, i took "custom install" back in the days and i am pretty sure that i didn´t innstall all those neccessary protocols.

i kknow, reinstalling the full OS is winDOZE like but anyway, it works now

thanx, regards

Pilot Pirx
G3/400 PB Pismo /384 MB RAM/ OS 9.1 & X
G4/400 PB Ti /384 MB RAM /OS 9.1