FTP server and user profiles in 4k73?

MacOS X'er

Alright, first off, I am new to this. So I am apologising right off if this is a simple procedure.

I am trying to figure out this FTP server and not having much luck. First off, I cannot seem to allow someone to login anonymously. So I created a user account for a friend only to find out that I cannot open nor seemingly get persmission to access his files. I'm the bloody admin, why should this be a problem? Then to top it all off, even though I delete the users from my Users preference, their folder still remains and it is not deletable for some reason...why?!

I was told to try logging in as the root, but I've had no luck with that. Is there any specific password I am to use? I can't understand why I should even have to login as the root, why wouldn't the admin have the same privileges.

Alright, bottom line from that mess of frustration above, what am I doing wrong? Any help would be great!