ftp through router... simple enough


OS X 10.4 Server on powermac g5 w/ linksys router

Finally made my server host 2 sites with multiple user access for ftp, mail whole shabang

Then moved on to setting up my network so I inserted a router...
went to retest my hosting after turning off the firewall and i set in "port range forwarding" to forward http=80 and ftp=20-21 along with the ports for smtp and pop3 to aim at my IP.

sites are posting fine to domain except an alias of one domain sends me to a underconstruction page. The real problem is when i go to ftp the site, simply "530 Login Error"

Have a list of what other ports are for, cant really figure out which others might be related or what other settings i might have overlooked in serverAdmin or network settings

Any help is very much appreciated

I always had a router on my LAN, and experienced problems of connexion to my FTP Server, which was very slow at first, and after a few tests is now impossible, except as anonym...

I think there might be 2 different problems but the router is it's a fact disturbing the FTP Service...