ftp user access (restrictions)???


John Galt Member
i put this thread in customization (by mistake)... this is the riht place for it...

does anyone <b>any</b> any way to restrict my users of ftp from navigating back to a certain point???

let's say i have a user, when they log in through ftp, their default folder is "/users/username". is there a way to restrict these certain privelages so they can't navigate back past this directory. i don't want to give them access to other user's folders, as well as the "/" folder...

how do i do this?

any help would be great...
The typical way to do this would be to put the users that you want localized to their home directories in the chroot file (/etc/chroot). This functionailty is not there in the PB, and chroot will only work with anonymous ftp. There are a number of places to learn how to setup OSXPB for aFTP.

Another solution would be to install NcFTP.

Hopefully chrooting will work better in the full version. OSX Server had this same shortfall.