FTP user get access to too much


I have enabled FTP on my 10.4.2 server. I have then created a ftpuser, and disabled anon access to ftp. The ftpuser has no home dir and should thus only see the ftp root.
My setup has a System partition and a FTP partition.
My problem is that when I log in as the ftpuser I get directed to the right folder, but I am able to go to the root of the partition and change to the System partition and see all there.
I have tried to set the permissions of the System so that the ftpuser is denied to read, but I can't get it to work.

Any ideas?

I have only the best expiriences with pureFTP. It's a free FTP server that you can use to replace OS X own server. It sets all rights so that the users can only access what they should be allowed to.

It comes with a seperate application that configures the users, groups, access etc, and is quite easy to use. Have a look here if you want to try: