ftpd: illegal option


Oh no!
I've got an issue getting ftp to open for me. I've got it on & if I go to log into it I get the following:

'ftpd: illegal option -- a'

I've looked for info on this, & the impression I've gotten is I'm the only one it's occurring to. I'd be very grateful for any info...

In OS 9.1, Vicom FTP Client I input the hostname, login, etc. & it gives...: (view image)


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How are you trying to log into it? It may be a problem with the method your using.

The other possibility is a problem on the daemon's end. On Mac OS X the ftpd is only launched when someone tries to log in to the ftp server. There may be a problem with your install. You can probably get a new version of the ftpd from one of the gnu sites out there.
Ignore the question at the beginning of my post. Your second post wasn't visible while I was typing. It looks like your ftp client is sending an unknown option to the server, but don't quote me on that.
I'd originally gotten that opinion, too; only I get the "ftpd: illegal option -- a" in Terminal (i.e., it's not only a Vicom issue). & Interarchy isn't opening it.

One idea I had is that I installed Tenon's iTools, & then uninstalled it (I've got OmniWeb & I guess it's incompatible, one with the other). It is no longer installed, but I guess I ought to be open to the idea that this issue is a leftover of that installation. Otherwise, I'd be very grateful for any other insights...

Ok, I guess...if it's of interest, the version of etc/inetd.conf I've got had this line in it:

'ftp stream tcp nowait root /usr/libexec/ftpd ftpd -l -a'

I got the -a out of there, & now it lets me in. The issue I've got now is I'm on 100Mbps & getting a list of files (i.e., 'ls' in Terminal or via an ftp client) is not occuring, or it's taking too long. One or the other...it fails, or I give up. I've got no ideas on this one, & there's no info on -l. I guess I'll look further into this, but I'd be open to any ideas. ;)

1 other thing: I'm getting the following output if I give it long enough in ftp once I've telnetted outside of the LAN & ftp'd into it:

"ftp: connect: No route to host"