Full Screen And Pointing Devices


I am updated to OS 10.4.2 with the latest ATI driver 4.5.5 and am having problems with full screen games. When I play America's Army or Unreal Tournament 2004, my pointer shows in the middle of the screen and doesn't move. I tried apple-tab to get out of the game and come back in, but that is disabled on those games. What can I do to get rid of this bug?

Thank you for your time!

dual 2.0ghz G5
512/160/Radeon 9600 Pro
I had the same problem on an iMac G4 with Wolfenstein; Enemy Territory, but since I upgraded to a MacBook Pro I no longer have the problem. One thing I did was enter windowed mode and toggle the mouse off and on from within the game. then reentered full screen mode. I don't know if you can do this in the games you mentioned but it is worth a try. I noticed once that somebody with a Mac Mini had this same problem- I think it is a hardware issue.