Full-Screen Mode for Macintosh Internet Explorer


Hey, I just started an online petition to get microsoft to include a full screen mode in their next Internet Explorer for Macintosh release (this is a feature that windows IE has, but not Mac IE...what's up with that?!?). Please check it out and give me some feedback. If you can dig it, would be nice if you signed it and mentioned it on your webpage.


Scott McDowell


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I can think of about a quadrillion other features I would want first, like keychain support.

What is full screen worth other than for setting up a kiosk? Full screen mode reminds me of the Win3.1 global window behavior. The only time I've ever used a full screen web browser has been reading a web book at night using iCab (which does have a full screen mode).


Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that cool apple technologies like keychain support wouldn't make a great addition to internet explorer (although the keychain has always given me funky errors here and there, especially now in 4k17, but that's another thread); but don't downplay the importance of full-screen mode:

Apple is taking the position of being an 'appliance,' no? Well for my 'web browsing appliance', I want to be able to completely immerse myself in the web page I'm viewing. When I go to a site like the fray or zeldman.com I want don't want the rest of my interface to distract from the design. Especially this new Aqua interface. Now I think aqua is great (i know this is another thread too) but it's not the most neutral interface. Right now I've got shiny icons in my dock, a 'cool' desktop background, a 3d looking menu bar, and maybe even other windows in the background with buttons that really pop out. Even if there was a full screen mode I'd still have a blue scroll bar (this can be changed to grey, I know). Does anybody watch all their DVD's in window mode? For IE to become part of my 'web browsing appliance,' it needs to embrace the web as its own independant medium, not just another document in a window.

This is also not to say that full screen mode is useful all the time. I cannot imagine building pages, with all the countless programs I keep open, and using full-screen mode. That doesn't make much sense obviously.

On the flip side however, full screen mode opens new doors. Full screen mode, combined with a projector and clever web design, can produce great a great presentation tool. It's like a free powerpoint. I know because I've used it this way.

So please take the time to go and sign my list.

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This is not a slight but it is interesting that every screen real estate saving tool I embrace for my tiny iBook screen you claim is useless. Bring on virtual desktops, a functional desktop layer, and full screen modes.

User controllable modes are a useful and non-intrusive method for maximizing screen real estate.