Function Key


My F11 key does not allow me to jump to the next field as it is supposed to. I have set up jump codes and can't jump to them. Any suggestions?
No idea, but it's best to note what OS you are using. If it is 10.3 or 10.4 F11 should be assigned to Expose.
Thanks for the feedback! I am new to Mac and my client provided it. I am trying to learn it as I refine the templates they want me to use. I have to teach it to my employees.

What is Expose'? I haven't found Word for Mac "help" to be extremely helpful in finding answers to my questions. Any tips for helpful tutorials online?
Expose is a useful feature, if you are using 10.3 Panther or 10.4 Tiger, press F9, and all the windows will tile up. Press F10, and only the windows of the app you have currently selected will tile up, F11 shows desktop.
That's makes alot of sense. That is what happened when I pressed F11 and F9. I believe Tiger is what I am using. I don't have the PC with me at the moment, but I'll check the tab key to see if it will jump to the code fields I set. Thanks!