Funny Terminal burn in effect


Bring mich zum Licht!
Has anyone else noticed this funny burn in effect in the Terminal?

I have set my Terminal to white text on black background, Transparency 80%.

When I open Top, and leave it a while on screen, it gets burned in the background, you slightly see the text still standing there, even if you hit return enter a few times to get a totally black screen. If you wait a little, the text will disappear!

Very funny :D
Wow, the is such a good old-fashioned terminal emulator that it even emulates burn-in! I never would have thought of including that feature.

Yeah, I've noticed that too. What a weird bug.

I like rharder's explanation of it. That's not a bug, it's a *feature*
That it's to do with a combination of the window transparency and the drop-shadow behind the window - it's as if the shadow doesn't update when the window does. I've noticed that if you click onto another app so that it comes to the foreground and the Terminal window 'drops back', then the 'burn' disappears. I haven't noticed it happening when the terminal is opaque. transparent.

Those who got the Beta and fiddled with the transparency will remember that the whole window including the title and scroll bars went transparent. This new Terminal is more clever than that. Only the black background is translucent. Even the white text in the terminal is opaque. (Which you can prove form your self by setting TerminalOpaqueness to something like 0.1) The problem is that the two aren't in sync, the drop shadow from the opaque text is only updated when something like the window moving to the background happens. I liked the burn in idea though.