Fwee... I'm not such a complaining kind of guy, but...

Piet Keizer

1. Stripy windows combined with transparency makes me sick.

2. OS 9 behaves more like water than Aqua!

3. I have a hard time to get used to the new folder configuration, especially since in OS X, I don't have the privileges to change my old folders.

4. Dock folder menus must go a lot faster and need a much smaller font, before I find them better than the Apple menu.

5. Smooth Type renders fonts better than Aqua does (especially small fonts).




99. Steinberg Cubase won't run on it, so it's useless for me anyway.
...I totally understand. Where are my options? Was the idea of Aqua to make us seasick?

Before you read any further, if you are planning to bash me or flame me 'cause "I can't see the (future, advantages, genius, whatever)" don't bother, I applaud the advancement of a UNIX core and all that rot. I do see many advantages but I have a right to bitch.

But I want to be able to KILL drop shadows, change my fontsizes, and perhaps even choose another look altogether.

As an avid Mac addict I am really getting tired of defending my favorite OS against the bad decisions of Apple (the latest has been the last round of firmware upgrades which robbed me of 256 MB of perfectly good RAM); and this decision to lock down Aqua so tight is just one more. Wasn't this supposed to be fast because it was based on "State of the art rendering technology"?

Does it seem that you have a smaller screen than when you were using a "non-OS X" OS? That is because effectively, you do. The interface is bloated and CPU hungry. I want my Platinum simplicity...

OK I lost my steam.