G3 all-in-one, second HD?


Notorious Olive Counter
Does anyone know, is there room in a G3 all-in-one to add a second hard drive?

I know they use plain old ATA drives, so if there's room, finding a drive that works will be no problem. It would make moving my mom's computer over to OS X a lost handier if I didn't have to start all over with a new HD.

Then I just have to look for 168-pin DIMM RAM...:rolleyes:
Apparently there is room for a second hard drive. According to Adam Sitnick:
You can easily install an internal hard drive where the internal Zip drive would normally go. Just make sure you get a 3.5" drive (SCSI), and use the SCSI connector that's already there for the Zip that isn't present and voila! You now have a drive that's faster than the IDE that comes with your AIO G3.
I, myself, don't know anything about these computers .. but I hope this helps get you started in the right direction.
Ta! That's a big help.

Now, as an added bonus, I might get to play with SCSI hardware - never had the chance before.