G3 Beige How to install?


My copy of OSX will arrive the day after tomorrow, Apple Store said. I have a G3 Beige DT 266 rev2, 160 MB of memory, 4GB of HD and OS 9.04. The HD has 3 partitions. 1 of 3GB with all the apps and documents (1.5GB are free), a second of 700MB with the OS9.04 and Norton Utilities, a third of 300MB that I use as a scratch disk for Photoshop. Taking the precaution of backing up the larger partition, should I attempt to install the OSX there?
Any other suggestion?
well you seem to have nearly the same setup like me:
Beige G3/DT/266, 160 MB Ram, 4 GB HD, 6MB ATI RagePro, Serial Modem. I Normally have 2 partitions. one for the os [512mb] and the other one for apps, documents, etc.... [3.5 GB]. for MacOS X I did a complete repartition: i did 2 partitions, each has the size of 2GB. On the first one reside now MacOS 9 and X together. works smooth. They use together about 1.1GB, so that i have 900MB for Virtual Memory. This should be enough. This setup is experimental. If I run into problems, i'll change it.

Thanks. Stangely, the instructions for installing OSX on a Beige G£ say that 0S9.04 and OSX must reside on different partitions or different volumes. Am I right? However, if it works with you...
I will take the plunge and do like you did. If it doesn't work, I will change.

I got it all to work on my Beige G3 with a very similar configuration. If you intall X on your 9 partition, it will just move all of your pre-existing 9 folders/sytem folder into a X folder called 'Mac OS 9'. A very cool feature is that the Startup Disk Pane in System controls allows you to boot from the OS 9 folder OR the OS X folder, despite them being on the same partition. Very convenient for running pure OS 9. Very seamless. It is also possible to Install OS X on a clean partition and then add OS 9 onto that same partition later. Just do a normal OS 9 install from CD. You have to make sure though that when you install X that you select Filesystem as HFS+, not UNIX. Thats all for now. Good luck to you!
Right. The OSX is working smoothly, with the Classic enviroment just fine...slightly slower, though. I can restart with option and I'm back to the real 9.04, so no problem so far.
The only trouble I had is with the PPP connection (I have an external modem). Within the modem preferences there is only the internal port as a choice. I can connect, apparently, but I cannot use Mail and Internet Explorer. In both applications there is an error message that says it can't find the server.