G3 Can't boot from CD


I'm at my wits end.

I got a G3 off ebay and Tiger 10.4

I put in CD and hold down 'C' to boot from CD and it does nothing. can't read the CD

I tried a set of 10.3 CDs and they do the same thing

I tried Debian for PowerPC and it detects and installs perfectly.

When I go to open firmware and type "boot cdrom" i get the message:
can't OPEN: cd:,\\:tbxi

No matter what I try for CD combinations I get that message. I don't know what to try now. The media is fine and installs other systems fine.


Staff member
10.4 comes as DVD. Might be part of the 'problem'. Also read the requirements for 10.4. Maybe that G3 comes without FireWire ports?


I know it comes as a DVD. I tried it that way. I have a DVD capable drive that came with the G3. I have tried both DVD and CD versions. It has 2 built in firewire ports on the back.