G3 -- DVD -- and region


Simply Daemonic
Hollywood sucks d*ck.
I am back from vacation in europe.
In good old Deutschland (germany) I got a DVD (liar liar) since it has several languages in its soundtrack, good opportunity to practice my french, german and italian. In greece I got a couple of greek DVDs ....

Naturally I have a region 1 (I believe) player in my G3, blue and white powermac. I have looked around to see if there is any patch or so around but cant seem to find any with substantial guarantees... (I dont really like the "use at your own risk" tags)

Is there ANY place where I can get some sort of patch/hack/crack u name it to play these DVDs that I paid my hard earned dollars to get ????

Ok here is an update:

I went to: http://www.opuscc.com/download/
and got the DVD toolkit,
with DVDinfo I found out what kind of DVD drive and what version of firmware I had. It turned out that my firmware made my drive locked :eek: !!!!

I downloaded new firmware, updated it and now my drive is an RPC-1 drive (i.e. region free), before it was an RPC-2 drive (region locked). Now can view any DVD from anywhere, no peob what-so-ever :)