G3 Ibook Froze On Dsl Driver Install


I am not a techie, but I'd like to fix my iBook as it froze after installing 2wire driver software (for SBC Yahoo DSL) and rebooting. I partially installed the Yahoo but then needed to install the driver software to continue. I did not close Adobe Acrobat in time before it shut down (to reboot). Upon reboot, the screen went black then re-appeared with gray apple logo on white background and refused to continue to boot.

I tried to use the Install Disk 1 and Disk Repair, which found an "orphaned kernel node." Disk Repair fixed it but the problem of crashing remains. I can't get past the white screen with gray logo.

Suggestions for a grad student looking to save money by DIY fixing?

Why are you installing a driver for DSL in the first place? All you need to do is connect the modem to your iBook's ethernet port. Then on the iBook show the Built-in Ethernet screen under the Network System Preference pane and choose the PPPoE tab. Check the box "Connect using PPPoE" then fill out account name and password then check the "Save password" box. I'd check "Show PPPoE status in menu bar" too. Now go to the TCP/IP tab and make sure the "Configure IPv4" box is set to "Using DHCP" just to be safe. The iBook will now automatically look to the DSL modem for it's assigned IP address, pass it the username and password for your DSL account and all you have to do is click the <...> icon in the menu bar and choose "Connect" to connect to DSL. As long as the DSL modem is set to dynamically give out addresses (DHCP enabled), you should be able to connect to the internet now.

I'd uninstall the software driver or whatever it was they gave you. You don't need it at all.
Thanks for the info, although it would have been good to know how to get OUT of the problem rather than avoid it. Your info was helpful to avoid getting into the fix. But at least it may serve as a lesson to others.

As a consequence, I spent $50 to have university services tell me that all I needed to do was do an 'archive and install' with my MacOSX disks to preserve my data. Wish I had gotten that advice here and saved the money.