G3 Ibook Hard Drive Failed?



I have a G3 ibook 600MHZ, 20gb HD 10.2.8 which my girlfriend was using when the harddrive started making continuous clicking sounds, about one per second, and the computer effectively hung on us.

I thought she may have filled the HD, so after restarting i managed to move some stuff to the G5, but it was a painfully slow process, and after clearing about 1GB the clicking started again.

I checked some responses to similar problems on this site, but am hampered by the faulty internal dvd/cd drive. I have an external firewire LaCie CDRW which i put the software restore cd1 10.1.2 disk into (i cannot find the 10.2 upgrade disks that i got), anyway i restarted the ibook, holding 't' down, i get the firewire symbol but no action.

each time i try to start the ibook normally, it takes about 10mins to log in, and each action i try to do with it either takes the same amount of time to complete, or it does not progress at all.

Is there a way that i will be able to check the harddrive and fix any problems with it, or at least find out if it has spun its last waltz?

I am ok with tech stuff once i know what i am doing, but am in the dark on this one, any help that can be offered will be much appreciated, two people, one machine = not good!

Hey Bruce and welcome to the forum.
You could check the S.M.A.R.T. status of your disk in the Disk Utility. Is it verified?
Anyway, everything sounds like your disk is dying. Check out some other threads in this forum about changing the disk of an ibook. You might want to get a bigger one as well..
Good luck!