G3 Ibook Os10.4.2 No Display Brightness Adjust


upgraded my dual USB G3 snow iBook up to 10.4.2 and now the display brightness function keys (F1 & F2) no longer have an effect on my display brightness. When I boot up with OS9.2.2 they work normaolly so its not the hardware. I've looked in the System Preferences and used spotlight to try and find new controls, if any, and have not been successful. What am I missing here?

Thanks for your help.
They're F14 and F15 on my imac, don't know what version you were using before but the key mapping might of been changed around since that version of osx.
I know you posted this problem a while ago, but someone else had the same one - and a link to your thread came up, so I thought I'd share the solution (just in case).

Very easy to solve...

You have to change your keyboard settings: go to

Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Keyboard&Mouse:

select "Keyboard" and then

you absolutely must DE-SELECT "Use the F1-F12 keys to control software features" - and now it should all work again. (You can still use the F1-F12 keys, but have to press "fn" at the lower left-hand side of your keyboard to make them work.)

Hope this does help.