G3 iBook screen stopped working


I have a G3 iBook and recently the screen stopped working. My mum was using it while it happened. She said that it flickered a bit if she had it in a certain position, and that over time the position at which it flickered grew bigger. She used it recently and said that it went blue and then after moving it about a bit the screen went completely dead.

The guy Apple put us in touch with thought it was software or maybe the logic board, which sounds like a load of rubbish to me. He quoted us £75 to replace the cable to the screen if that was it.

Is it possible to replace the cable myself and buy one from Apple? Whats a reasonable price to pay to get it fixed?

It sounds like maybe the contacts for the backlighting is going out.

If you feel you might be daring enough, you can try to repair it yourself. Google online for procedures on how to do the repair and find some used Mac retailers that sell Macintosh and iBook/PowerBook parts. MacResQ (http://macresq.com) and a few others are known to sell parts.

For more retailers that sell these parts, check out http://lowendmac.com.

Good luck.
Although you might want to have a look at this before you pay for anything:


Edit: As a last resort apparently putting a 1mm shim of hard rubber or similar underneath the board where the connector meets the video lead before it goes to the monitor can solve the problem.
No, really, that's what i've heard!
Connect an external monitor to the iBook using the included adapter. If it is also dead, then you have a bad logic board. If it works, you may have a frayed cable to the lcd. If you are confident with a screwdriver, it can be replaced DIY, but it is not for the faint of heart. A google search should give you a how to if you're interested in giving it a whirl.

But connect the external monitor first, because it is very possible that it is the logic board failure that ziess provided the link for.
That's a good idea, dunno why I didn't think of it. Even if the external monitor doesn't work, is it not possible that a bad connection would be sending back strange signals to the logic board which might confuse it?

I just had a look at the laptop and the screen is fine, its the backlight. Past about half way open the backlight turns off. Probably the cable still do you think? Is the light on a separate cable?