g4 450 cube -> g4 350



Is it worth swapping a g4 cube 450 to a 350 sawtooth? The only thing I want is a more powerful graphic card. And it´s pretty few cards available for the cube now... there is the radeon... but it´s disappearing from the market. But the AGP is only 2x in the sawtooth also. Not many cards available there either. BUT. There is a 100 MHz difference. Is it a significant difference??? Will my diablo and Unreal Tournament run considerably slower??


I own a cube 500 with the radeon and I love it! Quake 3 in Cinema Display resolution is SMOOTH! (1600x1024). Same goes for Deus Ex and Unreal Tournament (allthough UT doesn't run under cinema resolution).
I wouldn't swap...also, I think the cube might become a very wanted mac in some years because of it's short production time...I think you might get more for your Cube in some years than for a 350 sawtooth