g4 Cube


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I have a G4 cube - and i want to upgrade the graphics card in it to a geforce2 MX.

I am almost about to buy a Geforce2MX (Mac) from some guy. How do I know if it works with my Cube?? or even if it'll fit!!!

So what are the nVidia Geforce2 models that work in a Cube, and how can I tell them apart from those that don't.

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Aisha Fenton
Well I don't know of model number differences or etc such as that. But I might be able to help here. You cannot buy the nVidia GeForce2 MX from anywhere but someone who ordered it BTO with their Cube. Now if they don't know if it is the Cube version here's what I would do. Take a look at the physical dimensions of your current graphics accelerator. I am guessing that the Cube uses more of a square shape than the normal PCI or AGP rectangle. But measure it, CAREFULLY! and ask the seller to measure their's, CAREFULLY! I will attempt to retrieve a model number difference but that could be very difficult. Plus I would say heat sink size difference would come into play. Get back with more info after trying the above and I will attempt to retrieve more info from Apple's Support area. Good Luck!

P.S. CAREFULLY!=Not too contact and slide metal from a tape measure or ruler on the chip itself or other unneccessary contact. Use normal handling caution!