G4 digital Audio and OSX Tiger


New to macs, I have a G4 powermac 800 mhz digital audio, upgraded to panther and seems fine, trying to upgrade to Tiger and I get a pretty much black and white, very grainy picture. can barely make out any words on the screen. Whats wrong? I'd appreciate any advice, Thanks


I had this problem too when upgrading a G4 from Panther to Tiger ....

Basically, you have a Tiger unsupported video card.

You will need to do one of the following

1) Accept that without the new Vid Card, you cant run tiger in color, and set your old 10.3.x system folder as the boot drive, until you can buy a new video card.

2) Purchase a new PCI ( Or AGP if you have it ) Mac compatible vid card ( Radon 9800?? )

At least thats the only way I was able to get it to run in Color.


wow, 1.4g is way faster!
what is your vid card? i have a da 466 (nvidia geforce2 32mb 4xagp), and had no problems going to tiger.


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This can happen if you swapped out the original video card for an XClaim-branded video card. The 8MB XClaim-VR and other similarly-named cards are no longer supported under OS X.