G4 Dual-boot Switch


I have a silver/gray G4 that came with OSX 10.3 and OS9 with dual-boot capability. My wife was working under OSX using MS Word and had a problem with a document and crashed the system. After reboot she tried to open the document again and it crashed but now, the G4 will not boot into OSX (only proceeds to boot into "the blue screen of death"). Tried to boot into OS9 but when I hole option key, I get a selection for the OSX hard drive only (so it will only boot into OSX which gets me back to the blue screen).
Did not receive OSX panther install CD (possibly because it is a dual boot system??) so cannot boot off DVD. I can, however, boot into single-user mode with the cmd-S key.
So, is there a way I can rename/reset some parameters or directories to make the G4 selecet the OS9 system instead of the OSX? maybe then I can run diskutil or remove some files?

Any help would be appreciated.