G4 Goes into Acoma



I hope this is in the right section. I got my Powerbook G4 15" about 5 months ago now and it has just recently started to have a problem. What happens is that it sometimes goes into sleep mode and wont come out. The only way to get it out of sleep mode is to take out the battery, and then press (shift+ctrl+alt+apple+power). Then the computer shuts off, and I loose everything I've been working on. If anyone has an idea of how to fix this... Being softwear or hardwear, please let me know.
First, you really don't want to reset the power manager as a form of shutting the machine down by force. Instead, use shift-cmd-power.

Start the machine and hold down cmd-ctrl-p-r till you hear a 2nd chime to reset PMU.

If this doesn't fix the issue let me know and we'll try some more intense stuff.