G4 "graphite" keyboard vs. the newer "Apple USB keyboard".


I'm thinking more and more of switching keyboard. I've got a PowerMac G4 that is just the way I want it, but that's more than I can say about the runt down keboard I've got with it. What will I gain from switching the "graphite" looking "Apple USB keyboard", to the "Apple USB keyboard" sold as current as of this writing?

Why, you ask? Because I spend a lot of time writing. It might have been a keyboard that wouldn't have suited me from the start, or it might be the runt down state that it is in now. Given the relatively low price, the new USB keyboards sold by Apple can be an investment. However, I'd love some folks take on it. Frankly, don't you all use those new white ones?

The problem.

The problem is undoubtedly the lack of keys where I used to have them. It doesn'nt matter that I'm used to PC keyboards; the layout of this keboard is still different even from the ones Apple did years back. It also feels like the new keys are smaller then what I'm used to. To make things absolutely clear, here are some picture links (might or might not open in a new window):

Current keyboard: http://www.kalerab.sk/pic/forum/g4-keyboard_8ziegone.jpg

The keyboard I intend to purchase: http://www.trgtech.com/products/21543.jpg

Nevermind the layout of those randomly found images.

I also know that there is an "extended" version of the keyboard I am currently using, that adds the End key, among others, where I want them. However, I'd like a white one anyway.

What to do?

How is this new, white USB keyboard from Apple? I will get to a pretty nearby store next week to try one by myself, but in the meantime, could't you tell me about it? Is it silent? How's the resistance on the keypressing, etc? How long is the cord?, Is it flat, slowly bent?

I know this might seem a bit of an odd question. All I can say is that I care about my fingers, my productivity, and the basic fact that I type a lot.
I'm still using the black and seethru one that came with my G4, but we have a few of the new white ones kicking around the studio at work. They're decent enough to use - something which you should probably try out and decide for yourself.

The only points to note:

1) the way the plastic comes up around the sides of the keys seems to make it easier for dirt to get down the sides, though this probably also makes it easier to get it out, can't say I've tried, and more importantly...

2) We have one on a G4/2x1GHz Chrome door jobby in the studio and the eject button only works in OS X - causes all manner of difficulties in OS 9 cos you simply can't open the tray and just have to leave it open all the time. You probably don't even use 9 any more and it's just our company being backwards, but worth knowing just in case you do. All functions correctly in X, and it might just be the stoopid way that some of our Macs are set up (the IT dude, bizarrely, is a PC boy).

Edit: Just looked at the pic links. Hang on a minute, that looks like the white version of my black one. The white ones we have at work are different to that. Newer maybe? Have they changed them back to how they were?! Ah, just try before you buy, that's the safest bet, but it should be better than your graphite one.

I just came home from a Apple Store here in Sweden, with this very new and shiny keyboard. Its really too soon to tell anything about it, let alone judge it by any means, but at least it feels great. Its so quiet. ;-).

Of course, my old keyboard could have been quiet once, too, only it was in such runt down state.

Thanks for the info on this, however.

Take good care, and have a nice upcoming winter.