G4 Kernel Panics & Graphics Card??


My G4 Dual 1GHz is rapidly working its way toward becoming a planter because of the nearly constant kernel panics.
I brought it to the Apple Store and they indicated it was most likely the logic board and they replaced it for about 700 dollars (including labor.) Now, it's crashing again but they (at no expense to me) have swapped out the logic board again, changed the CPUs and even put in a new hard drive. It's still crashing. Corrupt stack, "you must restart" warnings, etc. Could a bad video card cause this and would replacing it with a Radeon 9600 possibly end this mess? They're wondering since they've replaced almost everything in the case.


The Late: SuperMacMod
I would take any memory out that you've added. Sounds more like bad memory than a video card.