G4 Madness


Hi there, I have a G4 powerbook with 512 mb ram and over 60 gigs of space on the hard drive. When I booted my computer the other morning, the finder had reverted to its original settings. Everything on the desktop had disappeared, including all my e-mails and personal settings. Most of the material on the hard drive did not appear to have been affected, some files missing, no pattern, just random files. I ran diskwarrior, from another computer my own wouldn't run the software, but to no avail. There did not appear to be a problem with the hardware. One thing I did find which I had not made was a sparseimage which had appeared out of nowhere. It has 3.01 gigs and nothing else. I am unable to open it. Can anybody help me ???
I have not idea how to resolve this but have experienced the same type situations ever since 10.3. I feel this is certainly a deletion or preference files but don't yet see why they are being remove or emptied
ElDiabloConCaca said:
Did you, at any point, turn on "FileVault?"
Guilty as charged, however it has been operating without a problem for the last few months. When the problem occured I switched it off. The problem still remains and I have lost all my settings, emails and desktop folders.