G4 Powerbook Titanium Hinges set.


Hi guys,
Sadly for me i am having a bad experience with my mac. I don't know if i am posting also at the right location. I just bought new Hinges for G4 Powerbook Titanium it and i was ready to install them when it died on me. It still turns on but there is nothing on screen. the back light is on but nothing is viewable. Now i need to get rid of the Hinges and i don't know where to go and put them up for sale. If any of you guys know please let me know. I will also be selling the powerbook for parts but i have not decided how i am going sale it. Please advice what should i do. Also i connected it to my monitor and i just see the background picture but not the icons. i change the background picture and nothing else will show up on the monitor when i connect it.