G4 Silver Tower Mouse Problem


Mac OS x 10.3.8
Power Mac G4
CPU type: Power PC G4
CPU speed: 1 GHZ
Memory: 256 Meg

USB BUs: Apple Computer

Modem Model: Dash 2
Firmware Ver. Apple 2.6.3
Internal USB modem Kext
Interface USB v,2.6.3

Usb Keyboard: Kensington USB
Mouse:USB IBM Optical

My issue is : my mouse functions properly until my dial-up modem connects to the internet. After I am connected to the internet I get very little movement from my mouse. If I disconnect from the internet the mouse movement resumes proper operation. This Mac tower, mouse and keyboard is new to me. I have never used this system before. I tried to increase the RAM but even after adding over 500 Meg more, it did not make a difference. Seems there is some sort of conflict going on... Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!!
Internal USB modem??? You sure that's not external?

Anywys, if it's a USB modem it's possible that you might need a USB hub for all your USB devices. Remember that USB is a shared bus, meaning that the 12 Mbps is distributed amongst all of the devices connected to it, not to mention the little bit of electrical power that gets pushed out from that port. A USB hub helps to strengthen the signal so that it maintains its integrity.

This might or might not be the problem, but experience has told me that with USB, it most likely is.