G4 Sleep And Keyboard Start-up


I have two, "new" G4s (450 DP) and a 350 with a 900 mhz FastMac processor. Both are running )Sys 9.2.2 to accommodate all of my old software.Everything is fine EXCEPT I had to turn off Energy Saver becasue everytime they go to sleep I can't revive them without pushing the restart button on the computer itself.Do I have to live with this?

Neither keyboard I'm using (both Apple USB) has a power key. As a result, I'm forced to start up by reaching down and pushing the power button on the computer itself. (Gosh, life is tough here in third world Pennsylvania). Is there any magical keyboard combo which can start these things up.

When I eventually switch to OS X, will one or either of these two situations be resolved? (Guess that's three questions.)

Sorry to trouble you with these "convenience problems." But if anyone can help me bring closure to these issues I'd appreciate it.



Rosie Moderator
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Try this and see if it corrects the problem.

Go to System Folder>Preferences
Now go to the View menu and select by list putting everything into alpha order.
Locate the Energy Saver Preference file and trash it.

Restart the computer and immediately hold down the option and the Apple keys.
continue to hold down those keys while the computer starts up and you get a dialog box asking if you wish to do a desktop rebuild. This will appear after the extension icons load at the bottom of the screen.

Release the keys and click on the okay button.
Empty the trash.
Now go to the Energy Saver Control Panel (Apple menu>Control Panels>Energy Saver) And set your choices. Uncheck all the option boxes.

Now give it a test.


Tried your suggeston, twice, but it didn't work. Best I've been able to do is go into the Energy Saver contrl panel and configure things so the computer "never" goes to sleep but the monitor does. Then, hitting the space bar brings the monitor back to life.

Also got a second (new) Apple USB extended keyboard (white/crystal ). Instructions said it doesn't have a power button. You have to use the power button on the computer. What's up with that? Is there anyway to configure one of the "F" keys to start up.


Just looking at the System Profiler and under "Attibutes" it says, "Low power mode disabled because of PCI cards in slots: SLOT-C,SLOT-C"

In fact, I have a USB card in that slot that I probably don't need. I'll try taking that out and seeing if the "Sleep" function can be restored and report back.