G4 Sleep Issues????


I cant get my machine to sleep with 10.1, I have an ADAPTEC SCSI PCI card (2906) installed. The machine goes to sleep briefly, not deep sleep, and then wakes right up. Any suggestions, besides removing my pci card????
Thanks guys.
i had/have the same issue with a B&W G3 running 10.0.4 - I would put the box to sleep and it would show amber for a second, the monitor would also goto sleep and then it would wake again - usually on the third try it would go into deep sleep (amber) and stay that way...

after installing 10.1, it won't even go amber (the monitor does but the box itself stays lit green). this is after removing my adaptec 2930 scsi card and just running the stock IDE drive

I tried this on a G4 400 running 10.1 and the box slept (throbbing amber) without a problem - clearly apple has some issues to work out with the power management in 10.x

on a side note, did anyone notice that you can eject the cd tray with the eject button but ALSO you can make it retract by hitting the eject button again? (this is on the newest keyboards)