G4 upgrade VS. real G4. Help


I'm Spartacus!
I would like to run a live streaming H.264 format video in a small window on my Beige G3 tower. The only thing left that needs upgrading is the processor. I'm trying to figure out if the processor I'm thinking of getting will work. I want to get a G4 500MHz upgrade processor. I tried playing the live stream on a real G4 tower that runs at 533Mhz and the mobo has a bus speed of 133MHz. The video stream ran great. The only problem is that the bus speed for the G4 tower is 133MHz, while the bus speed for the G3 tower is 66Mhz. How does that translate? In other words, is it safe to assume that because the live streaming video ran great on the 533MHz G4 tower, that the same video stream would run great on my Beige tower with the 500MHz G4 upgrade processor, even though the bus speed would be 66MHz? Would slightly overclocking the bus speed be a viable option in terms of stability or burning out components? Thank you in advance for your help. :)