G4 Won't Boot From Harddrive


I recently moved and I just set up my G4 quicksilver again. Unfortunately it won't start. It just thinks for a minute or two and then displays the file folder with the mac smily face and a questiion mark flashing. I can't find my Tiger disk, I'm running 10.2.4. It's in a box somewhere and it may be awhile before I find it. I've tried resetting both the nvram and the pmu but nothing works. The computter is making a really upsetting noise as ittries to start up. It's a repeating whir and then a skip. Any help you could offer would really be appreciated.
Boot into OpenFirmware mode or Single User mode and repair the disk using fsck -fy if that doesn't work reset the PRAM Contol+Option+P+R, if that still doesn't work, you need the OS cd's.
You could also have a dying HD (which could explain the weird noises you hear on start up).... Boot from a CD and see if it will mount.