G5 chips, VirtualPC X, and other rumors ...


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According to MacOSRumors.com (which is not always correct) ...

"On Wednesday, MPC 8500 revision 0.6 was received. This revision fixes a cache bug, and has improved altivec peformance to 85% of the 7460 G4's at equal Mhz that are now in production. This is up a whole 50%. There have also been some minor changes with changing the positioning of the L1 and L2 cache on the die. The majority of G5's in this lot that functioned ran at 1Ghz, 1.2Ghz, and 1.4Ghz, with a considerable number running at 1.6Ghz, and 2 chips tested at 2.4Ghz! The goal is to bump this up one step before release, which there is confidence in happening.

. . . The 7460 G4's are now in volume production, and Motorola has enough available to give the G4 another speed bump as we speak in speeds up to 1.33 Ghz, but Apple does not want to do this because it just released an updated G4 lineup, and it does not want to have excess inventory of Power Mac G4's on hand if it can start offering the Power Mac G5 early next year. This means that Motorola will have to carry this 7460 inventory until Apple releases the next generation Powerbook G4 at Macworld Tokyo. This powerbook will essentially be the same as the 667Mhz model except that it will sport the 7460 G4 which has lower power consumption than the 7440."

Also. . .

"One feature of the Book E architecture is certainly going to make Virtual PC users happy. An alpha version of an upcoming release of Virtual PC provides 1GHZ PIII performance on a G5 running at 1.4GHZ. "

We'll see . . .
... we all know how optimistic macosrumors.com can be. So while I would soooo like to have G5s at MWSF (especially since I already bought my tickets), I'm not holding my breath.
I'm not getting my hopes up. I think That MWNY 2003 would be the soonest we might see G5's.

maybe this is just bein selfish, but I'd really hate to see G5's this early considering I just got my 533 DP last June or so. Also wouldn't this negate the entire megahertz myth? All that marketing down the drain...
Also wouldn't this negate the entire megahertz myth? All that marketing down the drain...

Well, they wont add a third processor. And the dual is at 800mhz so next stop is 1GHz and up :)
Either way, the meghertz myth will help Apple. If people still believe the myth, they will be astounded by Apple's processor clock speeds once the itanitum comes out. IF the masses can be reeducated, and these processors are as powerful as they should be, the benchmarks will tell all.

they might have lost some marketing money, but now they are perfectly positioned to recoup it all.
If Apple builds a better mousetrap and it runs Virtual PC anything near the rumoured speed discussed - the world will beat a path to Apple's door.

We can't re-educated the masses, however, Apple will build a better customer base if the customer can have the elegant design of Macintosh both in hardware and software. Should it run Pee Cee software approaching the speed of Pentium hardware - Katey bar the door!) We know if any company can do these things it is Apple!
mmmm drrooooollll......
I think VPC should adopt a modular design for their emulator, which would make emulation better ;) People could write their own drivers for video cards (for video cards not available on the mac anyway)... like blue label does ;)

I hope all this hype is true :p