G5 Desktop Panther 3.9--cd Burning Trouble


I found the following question on the macosx.com site, although I didn't find the resolution there and I'm having the same trouble.
Question - Can't Burn Data CdsJul 22 2005, 5:52pm
I have a iMac G5 and I'm running OS X 10.3.9

Suddenly I can't burn CD.

I put a blank CD in the drive and it doesn't show up on my desktop. I have already gone to the System Preferences and checked that I have "Open Finder" when I insert a blank CD., and I've tried "Ask what to do."

The weird thing is that the blank CD shows up in itTunes. And I can burn music files through iTunes.

My problem is the same. When I insert a blank CD I get the dialog window asking what I want to do. And when I go to open finder action I get nothing--no CD icon on the desktop that would allow me to burn a CD.

Help Please.