G5 "Dual Dual" Machine 4x CPU


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We believe that Apple is preparing new G5 PowerMacs based on IBM’s dual-core 970 PPC. Potentially running as fast as 2GHz" and that possible new "dual-core PPC systems will likely be used to build 4x CPU Macs – so called “dual dual” machines." Steven Jobs will annoucment on Sept 20th.. Umm.. Hope its true.


Who makes up this "We" you speak of? Or is that the royal "We"?

That would be cool though. I would buy a dual dual machine as a send off to the ppc line. Rockin.


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That'd be the PowerPC 970MP, which has been confirmed by IBM a few weeks ago. Yep, I'm pretty sure Apple will make use of it.


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This goes hand in hand with the new Intel announced "Paxville" dual-core Xeons. It also will mean 4 threads per machine - thus looking like a 4 CPU machine when it's only two.

Can't wait to see how the specs between the two fare off.


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Next time I ll included link. Here you go..


First on TMO - Apple Readying Dual-Core G5 PowerMacs, New G4 PBs & G5 mini, Analyst Claims

by Brad Gibson, 11:15 AM EDT, August 15th, 2005

Investment banking concern Caris & Co. said Monday it believes Apple Computer will most likely release new G5 PowerMacs based on IBM's dual-core 970 PowerPC processor, as well as a G5 Mac mini and faster G4 PowerBooks on September 20 at Apple Expo 2005 in Paris.

In a research note obtained by The Mac Observer, analyst Mark Stahlman wrote, "we believe that Apple is now preparing a broad array of new PowerPC-based Macs and that these new models are likely to support further expansion of the high value-added Mac franchise.

"We believe that Apple is preparing new G5 PowerMacs based on IBM’s dual-core 970 PPC, G5 Mac Minis based on a new IBM low-power processor, and new G4 PowerBooks based on next generation processors from Freescale Semiconductors."

Mr. Stahlman's prediction on G5-based mini's comes less than a month after the company revamped the low-cost Mac line by adding a top-line G4 1.42 gigahertz model with 80 gigabyte hard drive and SuperDrive for $699. The July 26th announcement did not include a processor speed increase since Apple initially came out with the mini last January. Historically, Apple rarely upgrades Macs within a minimum of eight months.

Mr. Stahlman also said he believes the new G4 PowerBooks will "likely be based on the Freescale 7448 processor, potentially running as fast as 2GHz" and that possible new "dual-core PPC systems will likely be used to build 4x CPU Macs – so called “dual dual” machines."

He said "the most likely timing of at least some of these announcements is the Jobs keynote on September 20th at Apple Expo 2005 in Paris, but that given the number of new products in the pipeline, there is a possibility that some will be introduced before the Paris event, however."

The Wall Street analyst also said there are some indications that the new PowerBooks may add "high- definition screens as well," citing Apple's acknowledgment that 2005 was “the year of high-def."

"Apple has yet to deliver HD resolution (i.e., 1920x1200 native) in a PowerBook," he wrote. "With Sony pushing the HDV recording format into consumer Handycams (initially in Japan), the ability to display (and edit) 1080i pictures is becoming necessary."

Mr. Stahlman said he is "increasingly confident" Apple will soon release a video-based iPod despite Apple denials.

"Sony’s surprising success (even to itself) with video on the handheld PlayStation Portable combined with the earlier-than-expected decline in DVD sales has apparently made Hollywood much more receptive to new video formats," he wrote. "Second generation Portable Media Players like Creative Labs’ Zen Vision – which supports video, photo and music with a 30GB hard-drive – are also likely to accelerate Apple’s video iPod plans."

Predicting further developments, he said he believes that iTunes may be upgraded to support video before the video iPod appears and that color screens will be announced for the iPod Mini. He also said "Apple is lining up additional partners for iTunes, as jockeying for position in music, etc. downloading has become intense."

Mr. Stahlman also upgraded Apple stock to 'Above Average' from 'Average.'


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It's the new G4-based PowerBooks that will "potentially run as fast as 2GHz". IBMs dual-core G5s run faster, at 2.5 GHz.

This is a no-brainer for Apple, really. The G5-based Mini is the really interesting part, IMO.


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Lead times for Power Mac, PowerBook increase ...
Investment firm PiperJaffray believes Apple may be "winding down" production of its current Power Mac G5 and PowerBook G4 models, citing an increase in the estimated days to ship for the Power Mac G5 2.7 Dual and the Power Book G4 15" Combo. The Power Mac G5 Dual 2.7GHz currently has an estimated days to ship time of 7 to 10 days, an increase from same business day (SBD) shipping on July 18th. The estimated number of days to ship the Power Book G4 15" Combo increased from SBD to 1-2 days. So-called lead times generally increase ahead of a product update. Apple's next major event takes place in Paris, September 20th-24th. PiperJaffray also noted an increase in the number of iPods and Macs in Amazon's Top 10 and Top 20 lists.


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IBM is prepared to accept customer orders for its new dual-core PowerPC 970MP (G5) microprocessors, which it will be capable of delivering in quantity very soon, says one Wall Street analyst.

The company officially unveiled the processors last month at its Power Everywhere Forum in Japan. At the time IBM representatives commented that Apple had been working with prototypes of the processors since 2004 and could use them in a forthcoming update to its Power Mac G5 desktops.

The 64-bit chips, code-named Antares, contain two processing units per chip, each with their own execution core and Level 1 cache. Additionally, each core includes a storage subsystem with 1MB Level 2 cache, making the chips twice as efficient as IBM's current 970FX PowerPC G5 processors.

"While declining to be specific regarding customers, IBM has confirmed that it has sampled these new chip versions and is [now] prepared to accept customer orders," Caris & Company analyst Mark Stahlman said in a research note released earlier this week. The analyst speculates the processors could make their Apple debut in a revision to the PowerMac G5 line at September's Apple Expo in Paris.

Prior to Apple's announced switch to Intel processors, extremely reliable sources said the Mac maker was preparing to release PowerMac G5 models based on the processors later this year. A company roadmap seen by AppleInsider had showed the high-end model to include two of the PowerPC 970MP processors, for a total of four cores. However, it's unclear if Apple's plans have changed in light of the Intel announcement.

Potentially adding a dab of support to the rumor is the emergence of two new PowerMac-based Apple logic-boards in freshly dated Apple material -- the PowerMac12,1 and PowerMac11,1. Whether the boards pertain to a forthcoming PowerMac G5 revision or some other product are still unknown.

According to a purported version of Apple's current Intel roadmap, the PowerMac will be that last of the company's Macintosh offerings to move to Intel processors, sources have told AppleInsider. This suggests that at least one more PowerPC-based PowerMac revision could be warranted.

IBM says the PowerPC 970MP will be made available in speeds ranging from 1.4 to 2.5GHz.


You also never know where the text originated from... what if that text was from myfavoritefictionalmacrumors.com and you thought it was from thinksecret.com?? :p


so that's why apple discontinued the single processor G5, to replace it with a Dual Core 1.4 Ghz G5. Makes sense, in a way, expand the G5 line up, have Dual core and Dual processor's. :D

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kainjow said:
You also never know where the text originated from... what if that text was from myfavoritefictionalmacrumors.com and you thought it was from thinksecret.com?? :p
Good point. In another discussion group I frequent, posts often include the text and the link. That is my favorite.