G5 freezing after updating to Tiger.


I have a G5 and recently updated to Tiger. I've done all the updates, and now the computer freezes. If I leave it on in a few hours, if I click on a program in the dock, it just bounces for ever, and then the mouse turns into that multi-colored circle, and the only way out is to hold down the power button. It even does this if I am not using the computer so it's not any specific application that I am opening. I've tried repairing permissions, and that didn't work.I've gone through all the basic trouble shooting steps, and still nothing is working. I'm wondering if maybe there is something running in the background that I don't know about that is causing this. I've checked the crash logs and they only report that the computer was turned off unexpectedly, not that there were any errors or problems. What would cause the whole Mac to freeze?


SJBen- I'm having the exact same problem. I just bought a brand new Mini one month ago and it's doing the same thing. Safari stops loading web pgs, so I quit the program, and when I try to restart it by clicking on its icon in the Dock, the icon simply bounces but never launches the program. I can force quit and stop the bouncing, but nothing will launch. When I try and restart the machine the spinning disk appears but nothing happens. Power cycling the Mini is the only thing that works, but only for a while. It hangs over and over.

I'm running Tiger v10.4.2. While looking for a fix on msg boards I'm finding similar postings but haven't run across a fix yet. A friend bought a new eMac the same time I got my Mini and he's having the same issue. I'm hoping that if the problem becomes more widespread, or at least starts getting reported more widely, that someone (Apple???) will fix the problem.

~ digonline