G5 Installation and Performance Query


I am wondering if there is some application or utility that I can run that will monitor what processes are running and from this, to work out why my G5 is now running so slow. A bit like an audit report. I know I can run Terminal and this will show me what are the top tasks but a of the time on my G5 I have a spiinning wheel. I find that if I set up a new user the G5 flies along under that user logon but with mine it is very slow, particularly when running a broswer (which I do a lot!). Also when I initially power up the g5 my mouse is extremely responsive when I move it but as soon as I open a program it suddenyl slows down. I am thinking it might be best to just format the hard drive and reinstall everything again (backing up data before hand of course). When I do the reinstall, do people think it would be better to split my hard drive into 2 partitions and have a data partion and system partition? Do I just boot up using the install disk, press 'C' and then use Disk Utility to do this? Is is possible to partition the hard drive into 4 partitions? Also can I install Yellow Dog Linux on 1 of the partitions? If I do this, is there a boot loader that gets installed to determine whcih OS to run at Power Up time?
There's not really that much point in partitioning the hard drive unless you are multi-booting to Linux. If you were to do it, yes you would use disk utility from the boot disc, and yes you can have 4 partitions if thats what you really want.

Your best option if you choose to reinstall is to boot from the installer CD and choose the "Archive and Install" option. This will give you a clean, new system, with a folder on teh hard-drive called "Archived Users" which contains the home folders from before the reinstall, so you can bring back whatever files you feel you need.

As for the performance issue, it does sound like its somehow software related, especially if it only affects one user profile. A good thing to try before reinstalling the system is backing up then deleting the preference files for any application that could possibly be causing the problem. You'll find these files in {home}/Library/Preferences. You can use top to see whats running and a bit of trial and error might help you identify the program thats causing the hassles.