G5 Power Up Probs


hi, have just moved house and plugged in my g5 and it doesnt power up, all that happens is the fans turn a slight bit, and it clicks once. I've tried turning the switch off and on, holding button etc but i think is a more complex solution.

please help
Apple recognizes a problem with G5's where the power supply gives out prematurely. They should replace the power supply if it turns out to be the PS which is the problem. I'd call AppleCare and describe the problem or lug it into a Mac repair shop (my personal last resort) in order to get the official word on it.
hi, thanks for the advice, took it to a specialist, and is replacing the power supply unit. guess this is some what of a common fault!

thanks again
Is that likely to be the reason that TWO G5s I have been sent in the last 2 weeks by the Apple Store have been DOA? Will it be third time lucky - I won't give them another chance!