G5 Powermac Slow After Startup


Our Apple G5 OS X 10.3.5 power-mac is very slow after start up.
the desktop clock keeps showing the same time although the system time is alright.

programs like excel and word do not start up.

if you stop the extensis X1 suitcase the system becomes a bit more workable. But the clock keeps showing the time the system was restarted

What is a possible fix for this error.
Boot into Single User Mode (hold down Apple-S after the startup chime) and once at the prompt do a "/sbin/fsck -yf". Once it finishes, do it one more time just to make sure it got everything or until you see that it says that the HD is OK. Then do a reboot. Once at the desktop, head over to Applications-->Utilities and launch Disk Utility. Select to repair permissions and once that's finished, reboot just to be safe.

Hopefully this will do it for you.

If not, try and zap the PRAM (Apple-Option-P-R after the bootup chime). Hold it down until the Mac reboots about 4-5 times and then let go of the key combo.