G5 Startup Disk and my G4 PB


Just wondering if there is a way to use my G5 Software Install Disks to install Tiger on my G4 Powerbook...I could have sworn I was able to do it before, but with these disks I get a software cannot be installed error....

Is there a way around this?

Thanks in advance... :confused:
Well first: It's illegal. Get a license for Tiger for your PB. Second: Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. The G5 Software Install disks are looking for a family of machines - and don't find the right one with the PowerBook.
The retail version of Mac OS X, of course, can be used on any type of machine - unless newer than the release date of Tiger (i.e. if they release a Mac in the coming weeks that comes with 10.4.2, you'll probably have to use the version that comes with that computer for that computer.)
that's the answer I figured i'd get....I was being impatient and wondering if there was a quicker way to get both machines on the same version OS