G5 tower won't start

hey all,

can anyone advise me on next steps for a non starting G5 dual 2.0. i'm getting grey screen with apple but no progress wheel and fans start winding up. stays this way forever. won't start up from dvd so no help from g5 software disk. tried all the tricks: started in open firmware, reset "nvram" and "all"; reset PMU; unplugged all periferrals; removed all 3rd party ram(and then original ram); this started immmediately after doing 10.4 update to 10.4.1(yes, that's the first tiger release to 10.4.1) i downgraded from leopard when the G5 reacted badly to it. did a disk erase and then installed my original tiger disk and was working my way back up through the older versions. anyway, the best piece of info is probably in the attached image. when i started in single user mode, this is what i got...




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If I recall, there were lots of issues with 10.4.1. Why not download the 10.4.11 Combo Updater so that you can go from 10.4 straight into 10.4.11? You can get the Combo Updater to 10.4.11 from Apple's website. It's usually the more reliable way of upgrading to the latest version IMO.

Regarding the attached image, do you have any third-party PCI cards that might be interfering with the installation? It's possible that it might have to be removed before installation and installed thereafter.
i actually tried to go right to 10.4.11 first but there were errors stating that some things could not be installed and since i was coming all the way from the original version of tiger, i thought the errors might be from the big jump. but i can't get the computer to start, anyway. the only way to talk to the machine at all is in open firmware. i do have a second internal hard drive installed though.


Mac of the SubGenius! :-)
Try removing any extraneous hardware that didn't come with the Power Mac originally, and then perform the upgrade. See if you still experience the errors after upgrading with a stock configuration.
i was able to start up from an external FW drive and tried to reinstall tiger. that returned errors so i assumed the hard disk might be bad. switched it out with a bigger drive(250GB for 54.99 @ comp usa) and the machine runs perfect. they also had 2GB RAM for 39.99. that bring's the total RAM in the machine to 6GB and i have to say, this thing freakin' halls ass for a 5 year old!