G5 Won't Startup....


Hello, I'm having problems with my G5 at startup. When I turn it on, It gets to the point where I type in my password and log in, but then it won't load my desktop with all my drives and icons on it. Actually, all it loads is the desktop graphic by itself with nothing on top of it. At this point, I can do nothing. Please help! Any help is appreciated. Thank you.



Scratch & Sniff Committee
You could try booting from the install CD (load the CD, and hold "C" while you power on the computer) and from there you can run the Disk Utility to repair permissions on the drive.

If you are experienced with Unix, and you have the logon screen set so you can type usernames as well as passwords, then you could try typing in ">console" to get to the unix shell, and from there you could read the logs amd determine the source of the problem. If you're not sure how you'd do any of this, just skip to the next option.

If this fails, I would suggest doing an "Archive and Install" from the install CD. This will reinstall the system, but your old files should be backed up in a folder called "Previous Systems" so you can retrieve them. Don't attempt this if you haven't got plenty of free disk space.