Has anyone tried porting Gaim to Mac OS X ? Gaim can be found at it has be told that it will work on any bsd variant..
Gaim can be also found at

Let me know if anyone got it precompiled for Mac OS X and gzipped it We all would love to get our hand on it..

At Gaim\'s website.. it has been mentined that MSN support is included as well as Napster and Jabber..

ICQ, IRC, Yahoo support is included..

Let me and fellow readers know of this..


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Man what a joke, the web site doesn\'t say what it does. It has no documentation and the FAQ doesn\'t give any clues. boult is clearly abiding by this creed in not mentioning what it is.

What? It\'s GAIM! it\'s OBVIOUS what it does!

You are ignorant and rude...

I am not talking about
I am talking about Gaim...

Originally posted by boult

You are ignorant and rude...

I am not talking about
I am talking about Gaim...

I am with strobe. Think what you will, but he or she is far from ignorant, and despite some light sarcasm, the only rudeness i have seen here was your throwing direct insults.

If you want an easy, OS X graphical AIM (and other IM service) clone, use We all know that you prefer GAIM, but:
1) From the screenshots, GAIM appears to be for X11. Do you have Xfree86 or xTools so you can run X11 from OS X? Because unless you want someone to do a lot of porting work to basically reproduce Fire, GAIM will only work under X11. And even getting it running under X11 on your box may be a large amount of work.
2) From the screenshots, GAIM appears to require the gtk libs. AFAIK, even those have not been ported yet, but I may be wrong.

So, if you want to use GAIM from within an X11 session on your OS X box you ought to:
1) Get the dev tools
2) Get Xfree86
3) Get (or port? ugh) gtk and whatever other libs GAIM depends on (i am sure the ample documentation tells you that)
4) Get Gnome running, as it appears that GAIM may require it (or maybe just the gtk libs?)
5) compile GAIM from source.

Now does Fire sound like a better solution?


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GTK has been ported.. you can check it out at and there\\\'s more for X Windows and etc.. glib is ported too..

I just asked if anyone tried porting to Mac OS X.. and that if someone did then I am asking to precompile for us. I am no expert..

I am drooling at Gaim\\\'s feature over Fire... Fire is limited.

I have been using Gaim in Linuxppc and I liked what I saw.

Right now I am waiting for Xfree86 to be stable (the one that can run side by side with Aqua)

So thanks anyway..

By the way, I do have installed and am using it often. I just would like to see Gaim ported to Mac OS X... then I can switch... :-D

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boult --
You are right about GAIM vs. Fire. GAIM totally wins, feature-wise.

Also, thanks a lot for the link to the ported libs -- that will help a lot!

If you have a fast connection, you might try to get the dev tools from apple.
If you are at all comfortable with the CLI, often it is not too hard to get a program compiled. Look in other threads for more exact instructions, and read the READMEs that come with the code, but at best, you can compile many apps with just three commands:
./configure --host=powerpc-apple-freebsd
make install

This will of course compile a version for X11, not OS X. Such a port would take longer for many reasons, and especially because we still don\\\\\\\'t have gtk+ etc rewritten to run under aqua (as opposed to ported to run under darwin and Xfree86).

So give it a shot. If make spews cryptic errors, you are out of luck, but if not, you got GAIM! (ha ha ha) If this is way out of your league, tell me and I will try to do a simple port when I get back to school and to my OS X box. I know little about ntework code or how Darwin differs from BSD in this area, so I have no idea whether such things port easily or require substantial tweaking (which I will not have time to do). But I can try.


PS. All the curent solutions for running X from within Aqua are really pretty stable. You should try some out. VNC is easy but slower (and you can make its window small so as to see it and Aqua at the same time), xTools is great but expensive (though they may have a new demo out), and I have not tried the new solution.
Nothing would be gained by porting GTK to Quartz. It would behave exactly the same if it ran on X11. GTK was meant to help X11 programmers save time setting up tables and some other stuff. It's not a viable cross platform application framework like GNUstep is.

XFree86 already supports concurrent use with Quartz. Rootless mode will eventually be implemented. Right now you can use a VNC setup (which I prefer to the other solutions since it's in a window separate from my OS X environment).