Game API


I want to port a cool game to Mac OS X.
I have it running under Linux and Win32.

What type of API should I use for:

* 2D graphics (Quartz?)
* 3D Sound
* Mouse and Keyboard Input
* File system
* TCP and UDP network (Sockets?)
* Time services ( nanosleep()? gettimeofday()? )

For 3D graphics, I know that OpenGL is the way to go. But how do I initialize it?
Check out SDL which has preliminary OS X support. Snoopy vs The Red Barron use SDL.

For networking check out OpenPlay. Same networking library Myth uses, it's open source and available from Apple.

For 3D sound OpenAL might be your best bet

OS X uses HID for user input, but SDL probably takes care of that

File system? What do you mean? Just use standard library.

Time? use time.h like any Linux user would.

For OpenGL you can use AGL or whatever. Check out OpenGL.framework and related frameworks after you install the dev tools.